A collection of typing lessons from MecaNet


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MecaNet.Collection includes all of the lessons from the typing course on MecaNet.

This course is comprised of twenty different lessons with a difficulty that can be adapted to the skill level of any user. New users might want to familiarize themselves with the layout of a keyboard with exercises about hand positioning and finger agility, and more advanced users can perfect their technique with a bunch of tests and time trials that MecaNet.Collection puts at your disposal.

With MecaNet.Collection you'll build up your typing skills, and little by little you'll learn how to type without having to look at the keyboard. Plus, it can help young kids learn how to read and spell, all while improving their concentration and hand-eye coordination.

MegaNet.Collection is also perfect for teachers, since you can set up customized tests for your students that keep track of how long it took to finish and how many mistakes were made.

Anyone who wants to learn how to type correctly will find MecaNet.Collection a great option, and not only is it a useful and efficient way to learn, it's completely free.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher